Here WEE Grow Again
Sale Schedule

Drop-off times
   Thursday, February 26th; 10am-2pm
   Thursday, February 26th; 3pm-7pm    
   Friday, February 27th; 9am-1pm 
   Friday, February 27th; 2pm-6pm
   Saturday February 28th; 9am-1pm
   Saturday, February 28th; 2pm-6pm
   Monday, March 2nd; 9am-1pm
RESTOCK Consignors:
    Thursday, March 5th; 10am-2pm
    Thursday, March 5th; 3pm-7pm
    Friday, March 6th; 9am-1pm
    Friday, March 6th; 2pm-6pm
Volunteer Pre-Sale
(Volunteers only-)
Monday, March 2nd; 5-8 pm (Gardening Gurus)
Tuesday, March 3rd; 5-9 pm
(See Volunteer Vine for specific shopping times)

Consignor’s Pre-Sale/Choose Your Charity Event
Wednesday, March 4th
NEW!!!  Consignors ONLY from 10am-2pm 
(Consignors may bring in ONE guest if they pay the $5 entry fee.)
Public Charity Event: (Consignors allowed in with pass)
3pm-7pm  $5.00 entry fee for non-consignors.  Your entry fee goes to the charity of your choice!  Consignor Pass required for consignors.

Public Sale
Saturday, March 7th, OPENING DAY - 9am-3pm (Full Price)
Sunday - CLOSED
Monday, March 9th; 10am-6pm (Full Price)
Tuesday, March 10th; 10am-6pm (20% off most items)
Wednesday, March 11th; 10am-6pm (30% off most items)
Thursday, March 12th; 10am-6pm (40% off most items)
Friday, March 13th; 10am-6pm (50% off most items)
Saturday, March 14th; 9am-3pm (75% off most items)

Sunday, March 15th - 2-5 pm