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Here Wee Grow Again Acceptance Policy

HWGA WILL accept:

  • Clean, Stain-free, Up-To-Date Seasonal clothing manufactured within the last 5 years.
  • Girls: Preemie – size 16  
Boys: Preemie -size 20

There is a 25-item limit on clothing size 18 months and under. This means you may only bring in 25 items per size/per gender for these sizes. For example, you can bring in 25 girl’s 3mo, 25 girl’s 6mo, 25 girl’s 9mo, and so on…You can then do the same for the boy’s clothing. Please email us with any questions. If you are a mother of multiples, please email us and let us know.

  • Sports attire, dance wear, school and Scout uniforms, costumes(fall), swimsuits (spring)
  • Shoes, in excellent condition (limit 8 pair)
  • Sports equipment, Video games/equipment
  • Toys, Board games, puzzles etc.
  • Bicycles, scooters, motorized cars, swing sets, swimming pools, slides etc.
  • Baby equipment. Please visit for recall information. ITEMS MUST HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURED WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS.
  • Children’s books, DVD’s, Home School curriculum.
  • Children’s/Baby specific furniture including gliders, chests, beds, etc.


HWGA CANNOT accept: 

  • ANY item that has been on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list. Please visit the or to ensure that none of your items have been recalled.  ANY SUBMITTED ITEM FOUND TO HAVE BEEN SUBJECT TO RECALL WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU AND IS SUBJECT TO A $25 FINE.
  • ANY DROP-SIDE CRIBS~ It is now illegal to sell ANY drop-side crib.  CRIBS MANUFACTURED BEFORE JUNE 28TH, 2011 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • CAR SEATS.  Too many have been recalled, and the safety of these life-saving devices cannot be guaranteed. Safety is our biggest concern!
  • SMOKEY CLOTHING~ even the slightest odor of smoke, pets or moth balls will cause your items to be rejected. Please don’t put our inspectors in an uncomfortable position by having to reject all of your items.  ATTENTION SMOKERS:  You are not likely to smell the smoke in your items.  We recommend having a non-smoker smell your items before you bring them in so that you are not embarrassed by having your items rejected.
  • Out of date clothing, remember, the more up-to-date the clothes the better they sell!
  • Out of season clothing–no Spring/Summer items for the Fall/Winter sale and vice versa
  • VHS tapes/cassette tapes
  • “R” rated dvd’s
  • “M” (mature) video games will not be accepted
  • Junior’s/Adult clothing
  • Theme park, destination, inappropriate slogan, or organization t-shirts
  • Items with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. Would you want to buy it?
  • Stuffed Animals (unless battery operated)
  • Bottles and sippy cups unless they are new, in original manufacturer’s package.
  • Un-Clean Toys or Electronic Toys without batteries (You will be asked to take it home and clean it or put in batteries.
  • Breast Pumps
  • Crib Bumpers-unless they are breathable ones.
  • Jewelry
  • Bumbos without the straps
  • used socks