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How to Prep The Merchandise

Merchandise Preparation Video

You will be using our online tagging procedure for tagging your clothes. Below you will find examples of ways to describe your items.



You MUST make sure ALL pieces are with games and puzzles before bringing them in to sell.  It isn’t fair to our customers

Brand Name: Gymboree

Description: “yellow dress w/blue polka dots” (A clear description of your items will aid us in finding the item on the rack should a tag come off. You MUST put in good descriptions so that we can assign the correct item number should your tag come off!) DO NOT JUST PUT “BOOK” AS YOUR DESCRIPTOR OR YOUR ITEM WILL BE REJECTED!!   DESCRIBE THE BOOK/ITEM.  If the tag comes off, there will be no way of knowing which book it belongs to or how much it is to sell it.

Size: 4T (estimate the size, do not use S, M, L.)

Price: $5.00

Donating:  Donating is optional. If you choose to donate the items that don’t sell, a “D” will print on the corner of each tag. You do NOT have to donate everything that does not sell. Just toggle the switch to donate when you enter your items into the inventory system.

Discounting: Discounting is OPTIONAL! Please note: THE FINAL DAY OF THE SALE, ITEMS WILL DISCOUNT FOR 75% OFF UNLESS YOU CHOSE NOT TO DISCOUNT THEM. There will be no changes made to tags after they have been printed. If you bring an item to drop off, and either the price or discount field has been altered, it will not be accepted. This assures us that everyone gets proper credit for their items.

CardUse 60-67# cover stock paper, PRINT 8 tags per card. You MUST use only white or light pastel colors. DO NOT REDUCE THE SIZE OF YOUR TAGS, AS THEY WILL NOT SCAN! Click HERE to download examples of good tags vs. bad tags.  If you print on plain printer paper, the items will not be accepted!

Tagging Guns: You may choose to use a tagging gun to attach your tags to your clothing. This must be done in such a way that the tag hangs on the top right side of the garment, in the same place you would pin the tag. It is recommended that you attach the tags in the shoulder seam and let it hang down on the right side (as you are looking at the item). Please see the image below. DO NOT STICK GUN THROUGH FRONT OF CLOTHING AS THIS COULD DAMAGE THE ITEM, PREVENTING IT FROM SELLING! Click HERE to purchase a tagging gun and 1,000 barbs from Bargain Price 4 U.

Safety Pin: Safety pins must be one inch or larger.

Safety Tags:  REQUIRED: Because tags do occasionally fall off, attach a small piece of masking tape with your consignor number to the inside of your clothing items. Label all other items on a flat surface. This will help us identify to whom the item belongs should the tag be lost, and will help us sell it as well. Label EVERY item.

ClothesOnly the up-coming seasonal clothing items will be accepted for the sale. It is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY that each consignor reads HWGA’s Acceptance Policy. HWGA reserves the right to deny any unacceptable items.

Presentation: It is recommended that consignors do their best to present their items in the best possible condition. Button all buttons, zip all zippers, snap all snaps, sew loose hems or seams. Items that are cleaned, ironed, and starched with all pieces attached, sell much better! Present them at their best!

Pricing: YOU SET THE PRICE! Price to sell, keeping in mind the quality, name brand and condition of your items.

Below you will find our pricing recommendations

•      It is recommended that you start with 1/3 the original price on clothing, and ½ the original price on large outdoor toys and baby equipment, depending on the condition.

•      We highly recommend you let your items discount. If priced “fairly” it’s going to sell at full price anyway. Don’t price things too high and lose sales. Isn’t your goal to make more room in your attic/basement?

•      If you are going to donate your unsold items, PLEASE let it discount. Give it every chance to sell before it is donated.

$3.00 Rule: Please don’t put single items priced below $3.00 out to sell. Pair it with something that will bring it to $3.00 or more. You can put similar items together for one price (e.g. 2-3 shirts).

Preparation of Specific Items

CLOTHES must be hung on wire hangers with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it. (Make a question mark with the hanger) Use the wire hangers, any size, on the smaller clothing sizes as well. Wire hangers take up less room on the racks. You can get wire hangers from your local dry cleaner. You MUST group all clothing items by size and gender for easier inspection and placement at drop off.

CLOTHING SETS must be pinned securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt and pinned at the waist on the hanger. First hang the shirt on the hanger and then pin the pants on the back (both pieces can be viewed without unpinning the garment.) See our video

PANTS ONLY: Pants should be hung at the waist at the top of the hanger. Pin them high on the top of the hanger with the pins somewhat close together. This prevents them from sliding on the hanger.

FOOTED SLEEPERSPlease pin up the feet of sleepers so they do not hang down and get caught on the clothes on the rack below.


SHOES: Bring only your best. Shoes must be tied in pairs by shoelaces or zip ties, not boxed. Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition. Attach tag with a LARGE safety pin through shoelace eyes or buckles as well as a “safety tag”. We are specifically looking for seasonally appropriate dress and casual shoes for this season’s sale. Limit of 8 pair. NO TENNIS SHOES (unless in brand new condition) or used bedroom slippers.

MATERNITY CLOTHES We are no longer taking maternity clothes.

TOYS, NURSERY/KID FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT must be in working order (batteries included and working) and clean.  Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely.  Use HEAVY tape.  We recommend packing tape. Please group all “like” items together. No stuffed animals will be accepted unless they walk and talk. No exceptions.

LOOSE ITEMS must be in clear Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag. Be sure to identify each item on your tag in case the bag gets opened so we can identify the items that belong together. For example: If you have several action figures/legos/train cars, etc. that you want to sell as a group, put them in a Ziploc bag, tape the top closed, and attach your tag on the front of the bag.

LINENS must be hung on wire hangers. This includes receiving blankets, bed sheets, crib pads, swaddlers, sleep sacks, and pack-n-play sheets. Large bedding ensembles may be tied with string/yarn, but it is recommended that they be put in the original packaging if you still have it, or in a large ziploc bag.

BOOKS: If you are selling a group of books, you may either put them in ziplock bags, taping the excess around the edges, or you may tie them together with curling ribbon. Then you can SCOTCH tape the tag to the bag or to the back of the last book. If you are selling single book, you can scotch tape the tag to the back of the book.

PUZZLES: If you have frame puzzles, DO NOT TAPE THE PIECES TO THE FRAME. This can cause the paper to tear and we will not be able to sell your puzzle. It is recommended that you use either saran wrap or the sealing wrap to keep your pieces together or to put it in a large ziplock bag.

HATS: Just pin the tag to the hat, do not hang on hanger.