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“Calling all shoppers!” Welcome to Here WEE Grow Again! 

Below, please find some guidelines regarding the sale…

  • We recommend that you bring a laundry basket with a belt looped through it to put your “treasures” in as you shop. No large re-usable shopping bags will be allowed. We will allow ONLY a child in a stroller…NO DIAPER BAGS!  Baskets must be empty.  We will provide large shopping bags for you to use while shopping.
  • If you would like to purchase a large item (e.g. crib, play equipment, etc.) PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG! Use the claim ticket and ask a volunteer to help you fill it out and help you with your purchase.
  • We will be accepting Cash, Checks, Visa and Mastercard. Please make checks out to AUMC.       A valid driver’s license must accompany all checks.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!
  • If the item will be discounted, you will find “Discount: Yes” on the tag. If not, it will say “No” and the item will remain on the floor to sell at full price.

Sale Hours:

Choose Your Charity Event: Wednesday, March 14th from 10am-6pm

Your $5.00 entry fee goes to the charity of your choice! $5.00 charge for each adult entry.

  • Saturday, March 17th – OPENING DAY – 9am-3pm (We will have just restocked all day on Thursday and Friday!)
  • Sunday – CLOSED
  • Monday, March 19th; 10am-6pm (Full Price)
  • Tuesday, March 20th; 10am-6pm (20% off most items)
  • Wednesday, March 21st; 10am-6pm (30% off most items)
  • Thursday, March 22nd; 10am-6pm (40% off most items)
  • Friday, March 23rd; 10am-6pm (50% off most items)
  • Saturday, March 24th; 9am-3pm (75% off most items)


35% of your purchase will benefit Aldersgate United Methodist Church.