Spring Opening Details:

We are so very excited to be opening to our shoppers this spring! For the spring sale we will be holding limited shopping times, allowing a limited number of shoppers at a time.  We will also be providing virtual shopping appointments if we have enough volunteers on hand.  We will be requiring appointments for our busiest shopping days, but will have many days where you will shop on “stand by,” depending on our current occupancy.  Click BELOW to make your appointment for our busiest days!

Sign-up Here


  • Shoppers MUST wear a face covering.

  • Appointments are for one person only. Children are not allowed unless you are able to “wear” them in a sling or carrier.

  • We will only be accepting credit/debit/pre-paid gift cards-No cash or checks.

  • Appointments will last for one hour.

  • Please use hand sanitizer when you enter the building.

Spring Sale Dates/Times:

Pre-Sale Events

  • Saturday, March 13th – 9am-5pm: Choose Your Charity Event, $5 entry to one of three charities.  Appointments required.

  • Thursday, March 18th – 12pm-6pm: New/Expecting Parents/Grandparents & Heroes’ Pre-Sale  Appointment required.

Public Sale Days:

  • Friday, March 19th11am – 7pm:  OPENING DAY-No Entry Fee!

  • Saturday, March 20th-9am-3pm: Public Sale–NO ENTRY FEE 

  • Sunday, March 21st: CLOSED

  • Monday, March 22nd : 11am-7pm  (20% off Most Items)

  • Tuesday, March 23rd : 11am-7pm  (30% off Most Items)

  • Wednesday, March 24th : 11am-7pm  (50% off most items)-Appointment Required

  • Thursday, March 25th : 11am-7pm  (50% off most items)

  • Friday, March 26th : 11am-7pm  (75% off most items)-Appointment Required

  • Saturday,  March 27th : 9am-12pm  (75% off most items)

COVID Updates:

  • Bring your own laundry basket to gather your purchases. We will NOT be providing bags for shopping.
  • If you or someone in your home is sick with a respiratory illness, please, DO NOT COME!
  • We will be limiting the number of people who can come in at one time to 50. You must make an appointment to shop our busiest days.  All Pre-Sales will require an appointment.  Click HERE to sign up to shop for a 1-hour appointment.  No children between the ages of 2 and 12 allowed, and all children must be “worn” at all times in either a sling or a backpack.  We will hopefully be providing some virtual shopping appointments.  If you are interested in a virtual appointment, please email us at hereweegrowagain@comcast.net.
  • Please use hand sanitizer as you enter the sale.

35% of your purchase will benefit Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

Sale Policies