Fall Opening Details:

While we were hoping that life would be completely back to normal by now, recent upward trends have resulted in our fall sale looking much like the ones over the past 18 months. Please read!!

  • The church requires all persons to wear masks indoors; so therefore, all shoppers and sale volunteers will be required to mask up.

  • We will be requiring appointments for our busiest times – the Charity Event and during the first three hours of the remaining sale days. We have increased the number of appointments but still want to make sure everyone feels safe shopping.

  • Children over the age of 10 will be permitted in the sale.  Toddlers and babies have to be worn or in a stroller. The Delta variant seems to be hitting kids harder and it’s so hard to keep the little ones from touching all the fun stuff – fewer small hands touching things means a lower chance of transmission.

Fall Sale Dates/Times:

Pre-Sale Events

  • Saturday, September 18th – 9am-5pm: Choose Your Charity Event, $5 entry to one of three charities.                          Appointment REQUIRED

  • Friday, September 24th – 12pm-6pm: New/Expecting Parents/Grandparents & Heroes’ Pre-Sale                Appointment REQUIRED from 12-3

Public Sale Days:

  • Sunday, September 19th – Thursday, September 23rd: CLOSED

  • Saturday, September 25th : 9am-3pm  OPENING DAY-No Entry Fee!  Appointments required from 9am-11am.

  • Sunday, September 26th : CLOSED

  • Monday, September 27th : 11am-7pm  (Full Price)

  • Tuesday, September 28th : 11am-7pm  (20% off Most Items)

  • Wednesday, September 29th : 11am-7pm  (30% off most items)

  • Thursday, September 30th : 11am-7pm  (40% off most items)

  • Friday, October 1st : 11am-7pm  (50% off most items)

  • Saturday,  October 2nd : 9am-3pm  (75% off most items)

35% of your purchase will benefit Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

Sale Policies