Spring Opening Details:

We are currently hoping to open with a little more regularity to our spring sale.  We will watch the local numbers and make decisions as we get closer to the sale.

  • The church requires all persons to wear masks indoors; so therefore, all shoppers and sale volunteers will be required to mask up.

  • Children over the age of 10 will be permitted in the sale.  Toddlers and babies have to be worn or in a stroller. The Delta variant seems to be hitting kids harder and it’s so hard to keep the little ones from touching all the fun stuff – fewer small hands touching things means a lower chance of transmission.

Spring Sale Dates/Times:

Pre-Sale Events

  • Saturday, March 12th – 9am-3pm: Choose Your Charity Event, $5 entry to one of three charities.

  • Friday, March 18th – 12pm-6pm: New/Expecting Parents/Grandparents & Heroes’ Pre-Sale

Public Sale Days:

  • Sunday, March 13th – Thursday, March 17th: CLOSED

  • Saturday, March 19th : 9am-3pm  OPENING DAY-No Entry Fee!

  • Sunday, March 20th : CLOSED

  • Monday, March 21st : 11am-7pm  (Full Price)

  • Tuesday, March 22nd : 11am-7pm  (20% off Most Items)

  • Wednesday, March 23rd : 11am-7pm  (30% off most items)

  • Thursday, March 24th : 11am-7pm  (40% off most items)

  • Friday, March 25th : 11am-7pm  (50% off most items)

  • Saturday, March 26th : 9am-3pm  (75% off most items)

35% of your purchase will benefit Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

Sale Policies