Drop Off Information

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Drop Off Dates and Times

  • Wednesday, March 1st – Tuesday, March 7th  (Varying times on different days.)


    Make your appointment by logging into your account and clicking on the “Check-in” tab.

RESTOCK Consignors

  • Monday, March 13th – Thursday, March 16th (Varying times on different days.)


    Make your appointment by logging into your account and clicking on the “Check-in” tab.

Merchandise Prep Check List

  • Do you have an up-to-date inventory print-out? We are now asking that you print out TWO copies, one for you and one for us.  (See instructions below.)

  • Did you read, review and initial the Consignor’s Agreement?  Every consignor must bring the agreement to drop off.

  • Are any of your tags altered by hand? You can add things to the tag, you just cannot change price or discount.

  • Did you use 60-67# weight cover stock paper in white or pastel colors only?  Regular printer paper will NOT be accepted!

  • Is your tag hung in the right location on your item? (at the right shoulder when facing the item)

  • Is your item hung correctly ? Hanger (if facing it) looks like a question mark.

  • Do you have your clothing in size and gender order?  Some sellers find it helpful to use rubber bands to keep them grouped together by size.

  • Did you put masking tape or a label, with your consignor number only, on all of your items?

  • Did you make your Drop off appointment?  CLICK HERE to access HWGA’s Online Registration System.

Okay, you’ve got all your items tagged and ready to go. Let’s go to Drop Off!

What to expect at Drop Off

  • Each consignor must bring the Consignor’s Agreement and two print-outs of his/her inventory for inspectors to check items against. The second copy will be for you to keep track of any items that are not accepted.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHECK IN WITHOUT AN INVENTORY OF YOUR ITEMS. Please make sure you have marked off any items that you are not consigning. To print your inventory, login to your account, click on “Event Management” at the top of the page.  and then click on “Inventory Report.” Click print at the top of the page.  You do NOT have to check the boxes.  It will print all the items in your inventory.   Please make sure you staple your report and put your name and consignor number along the right-hand side(edge).

  • Before unloading any of your items: please come inside to the Check-in Desk to confirm participation, turn in the HWGA Consignor’s Agreement and show your printed inventory reports.

  • Unload your merchandise. Bring your clothing and shoes in first before bringing anything else inside.  You will hang your clothing on a rack to be inspected.  While it is being inspected, you will take your non-clothing items around the back alleyway to be inspected and checked for recalls.  Once you drop those items to be inspected, please come back to the front.  At this point you will be asked to put your approved clothing out on the racks in the correct sizes.  This is necessary as we anticipate not having enough volunteers for this task.

  • Once your clothing items are accepted be sure to retrieve any items that did not pass our inspection process. Remember: Any items not picked up will automatically be donated.

  • Remember: Once you get home please be sure to mark off any items that were declined at drop off from your inventory list. You will not be given credit for those items.

  • Congratulations! You’re done! We do the rest!

What to expect from the HWGA Inspectors

HWGA has a standard and it is important that we do our best to be true to that standard.

It is VERY important that consignors first follow all guidelines of tagging, preparation of merchandise and what is and isn’t accepted. Your attention to detail will tremendously reduce any confusion and possible rejection of your items.

  • Clothing Inspection: Clothes will be inspected for cleanliness, condition, and current style of each item. CLOTHING WITH SMELLS OF PETS, MOTHBALLS OR SMOKE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Your tag must be correctly done and you MUST have labeled your items with masking tape or small label for easy identification if the tag is lost.

  • Shoe Inspection: Shoes will be inspected for scuff marks, excessive wear and current style. No tennis shoes unless in brand new condition.

  • Big/Outside Toys, Inside Toys, Strollers, Cribs, Pack-N-Plays, Baby Equipment, Nursery Decor, Infant Accessories:  The HWGA Volunteers conducting the inspections will be looking for current merchandise, condition, cleanliness, and overall appearance.

  • Riding/Battery Operated Toys:  These toys must have the battery included and will be checked to ensure that they work.

Consignor’s Responsibilities

Follow all guidelines in accordance with our tagging, merchandise prep, merchandise acceptance and item limits. Consignors should do a home inspection of all items before tagging and bringing them to the sale.

  • Did you visit cpsc.gov and check your items to make sure they are NOT on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list?  Should you bring in a recalled item you will be required to come and pick up said item and will be charged a $25.00 fine

  • Click HERE for a list of brands that have been recalled.  Click HERE for the specific recalls where you can search for specific key words once you download the PDF. Click HERE for a list of sleepwear/pajamas/robes that have been recalled.

  • Do you have all pieces required for games, puzzles etc?

  • Did you place batteries in all items that require batteries and does the item work?

  • Have you ensured all DVDs work?

  • Have you inspected clothes, shoes and other wearable items for stains, missing buttons etc.?

  • Have you included all hardware that is required to assemble items that need assembling?

Please make sure you are presenting your very best! If you wouldn’t purchase that item yourself, don’t bring it. Any unsellable items may be brought to HWGA for donation to local charities through AUMC.

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