Spring Opening Details:

We are SO excited to welcome you to the sale this spring!  Children WILL be allowed, but they MUST stay with you at all times.  We will NOT tolerate children alone in the toys or playing under the racks.

    Spring Sale Dates/Times:

    Pre-Sale Events

    • Saturday, March 11th: 9am-3pm- $5.00 entry fee to the charity of your choice! 

    • Friday, March 17th:  11am-7pm- New/Expecting Parents/Grandparents & Heroes’ Pre-Sale

    Public Sale Days:

    • Sunday, March 12th – Thursday, March 16th: CLOSED FOR RESTOCKING

    • Friday, March 17th: 11am-7pm Heroes’/New and Expecting Parents’ Pre-Sale 

    • Saturday, March 18th: 9am-3pm Opening Day-Full Price

    • Sunday, March 19th : CLOSED

    • Monday, March 20th: 11am-7pm  (Full Price)

    • Tuesday, March 21st : 11am-7pm  (20% off Most Items)

    • Wednesday, March 22nd : 11am-7pm  (30% off most items)

    • Thursday, March 23rd : 11am-7pm  (40% off most items)

    • Friday, March 24th : 11am-7pm  (50% off most items)

    • Saturday, March 25th : 9am-3pm  (75% off most items)

    35% of your purchase will benefit Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

    Sale Policies